Exploring Your Mantle

A mantle, by biblical accounts, is an outer garment worn for warmth and protection.  The style of a mantle could be an indicator of the vocation or profession of the one wearing it.  Prophets and kings were known to wear mantles of fur skin, distinguishing them from common folk.  The animal skins spoke of a life of sacrifice and consecration to the Lord.  It said “authority,” not “luxury” as fur implies in our time.

The Hebrew word for mantle in 1 Kings19:19 is addereth, meaning prophet’s garment. We read in this account how Elijah invited Elisha to serve him by casting his own mantle over Elisha’s shoulders.  The message conveyed was, “Elisha, I have chosen you to be my successor.  Follow me.”  Elisha didn’t have to wonder, “What am I called to do?”  The mantle made his election abundantly clear. Because of the Elijah/Elisha account in particular, the mantle has come to be synonymous with one’s calling in the Kingdom and the authority that calling necessitates for operation.

Your mantle is ageless.

Spiritual mantles are transcendent in nature.  Your mantle existed before you were born, and will remain long after you’re gone if the Lord waits to return.  Just as King Solomon taught, “There is nothing new under the sun.”  Our gift clusters may cause the mantle to manifest differently in our lives than in our predecessors, but no mantle is individual.  Have you ever watched a gifted preacher who reminded you of someone else?  When I think of Dr. Rod Parsley, I envision a modern-day George Whitefield.  Anyone familiar with Kathryn Kuhlman can certainly see traces of her in Pastor Benny Hinn.  Undoubtedly, you have recognized similarities in anointings among ministers that you have been exposed to, especially among generational ministries.

Honor is the conduit for transcendency.

Mantles can skip a generation, and often do.  This phenomenon is attributed to a lack of honor among the generations.  If the older generation fails to invest in the younger, the mantle will find no place to land.  By teaching the younger generation our ideas, philosophies and scriptural perspectives, we are conditioning them to operate in our mantle.  Should we fail to transmit our “spirit,” the mantle will go dormant.  If the younger generation refuses to honor the elder, the mantle will pass on to one who is willing to wear it.  Often, it will lie in waiting for many years until another generation is willing to be what the mantle requires.

When a mantle re-emerges in a later generation, it won’t re-appear diminished.  For instance, we are seeing a resurgence of the healing anointing, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the days of John G. Lake, A.A. Allen or Oral Roberts.  The prophetic anointing that William Branham operated in decades ago, is now being distributed among willing carriers of the mantle.  Branham walked in an astounding demonstration of the word of knowledge and wisdom.  It is again being given to make known the thoughts and secrets of men’s hearts for the salvation of their souls.

A vision came to me, one day, of a large mantle being divided into pieces and then distributed among many.  The Lord spoke to my spirit that this is what happens when there is no spiritual “son” or “daughter” willing to inherit.  I then saw many pieces coming together to form a patchwork coat of many colors that some had been given.  Through humility and submission to the anointings of former generations, some would be granted to walk in sampling of many great anointings, resulting in a ministry of grace and favor.  Lord, let it be granted not only to me, but all who read these words!

It’s time to explore your mantle.

Steve Thompson, one prophetic voice, has made a bold declaration that I feel is absolutely accurate.  “Our predecessor’s ceiling has become our floor.”  This is how it should operate as revelation unfolds in an accelerated pace in these last days.  In the growing light of our day, (Prov. 4:18) we can expect to ascertain depths of the anointing that were seemingly unknowable in years gone by.  The great cloud of witnesses are standing on the brim of heaven, watching and waiting to see what we will do with their mantles.  When they finally welcome us to the Victor’s Circle, they will be saying, “I never knew that mantle was capable of so much!”

Father, help us honor the generations that have gone before us by exhausting the potential they entrusted us with.  Forgive us for dishonoring the legacy of our spiritual lineage.  We submit humbly to the conditioning necessary to wear the dormant mantles of great men and women of yesteryear.  Lord, show us what our mantle is capable of producing. Take us to new heights of Kingdom demonstration in this age of acceleration and revelation, amen.

New Book Release

Own Your Mantle: A Guide to Your Spiritual Inheritance

There is an ancient trust of what a mantle represents and the possibilities it affords the individual believer. As you read, you will be infused with insight concerning your spiritual inheritance, how it culminates in you, and how you bring it to bear for the generations ahead.

Own your mantle as together, we answer these questions:

  1. Where do mantles come from?
  2. How do I know if I’m being called to wear a mantle?
  3. How do I identify my mantle?
  4. Can I have more than one?
  5. Can I step into a mantle prematurely?
  6. Can I claim a mantle from the past?
  7. Can a mantle be taken away?
  8. How do I position myself for inheritance?
  9. Is it possible to outgrow my mantle?
  10. What is the mantle of the bride?

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49 thoughts on “Exploring Your Mantle

  1. Melissa , this is really awesome i too have been studing about the Mantle and Elisha and Elijah.I am thinking of the Mantle was passed down to me.

    • hello I am on this same path and i am so happy to see that I am not alone. I ask that you pray for me and that i am able to do honor and justice to this calling.

  2. Excellent post Melissa. Thanks. Based on your definitions and what I’ve heard in the past, I am currently inclined to believe that our mantle is the gift and calling that God has for us. So we can receive mantels in equal proportion to the gifts that God has for us. Paul encourages us to seek earnestly the best gifts. It is important to note that God gives these gifts. They flow from heavens throne into our life with Jesus as the only mediator. We don’t receive gifts from our predecessors, or “spiritual fathers”. Those with wisdom will first discover their gift, and then find a seasoned, mature follower of Christ whom has clear signs of excellence in the working of that gift and establish a relationship to be mentored into maturity themselves.
    Honoring the spiritual “mother of father” in your life is simply being humble enough to freely recieve and take action on the wisdom that they can offer you through their years of experience. (a smart person learns from their mistakes, but a genius learns from others.)

    Elijah tossed his mantle onto Elisha while he was plowing his fields seven to eight years before a flaming chariot took this prophet into glory.
    During this period, we hear nothing of Elisha. He is simply serving and learning. Playing second fiddle with all his heart. Understanding his immaturity and lack of wisdom can be remedied through a personal relationship with his master.

    Important to note that tradition at this time was for the first born child to receive a double portion of the fathers inheritance. Many think that Elisha received a double portion of Elijah’s anointing. I submit that allowing the bible to translate itself tells us that Elisha was asking that he receive the inheritance of a spiritual first born because of his spiritual service to Elijah. Meaning that, of all the prophets who would receive a portion of this mantle, Elisha wanted twice as much as the others would receive.

    Picture the scene as Elijah’s fiery chariot arrived to take him to Glory: Elisha is there to express his deepest honor and love for his mentor as he says goodbye. Could you imagine asking your mentor face to face if you could be twice as anointed as him? Also, I’m sure that Elijah taught Elisha that the anointing comes from God alone. Elijah could anoint Elisha with oil, but this is only a symbol of what Elisha received spiritually from God. God spiritually anointed Elisha. And before Elijah went on to Glory, Elisha wanted to hear with his own hears, and wanted God to hear, that Elijah claimed him as spiritual firstborn to receive the double portion inheritance.

    It’s easy to get excited about being “twice as anointed” as our mentor. But doesn’t wisdom tell us that a true spiritual father would want to disperse his mantle over more than one person? Learning through serving is the key to exercising and maturing our gifts and callings so that we can come into maturity and Christlike character.
    At best, a spiritual first born will inherit twice as much as the other children.

    Our relationship with a spiritual father, or “earthly master” can earn us an inheritance. More beautiful is to know that a relationship with our Heavenly father through faith in Christ Jesus opens the door for an increase in annointing that past generations may not have even begun to tap into.

  3. You bring up some awesome points, Brandon! There’s enough mantle to go around to all the spiritual kids! Your double portion definition is absolutely right on. It was only a first born’s portion that Elisha requested. Now that the wheels are a turnin’ I think a part B is in the woiks :)

  4. I was searching online to see if I could find out information on a mantle I saw in a dream. It was a full length tan fur skinned mantle. In short, in the dream, my wife and I walked down a road, this mantle hung on a burnt out old church as if it was a museum piece that no one could touch. I commented that it “looked very heavy and I would not want to wear it.” As we exited this road, I suddenly realized I was unknowingly wearing that mantle (apparently, it wasn’t heavy at all). I began to panic because I did not believe I should be wearing that mantle so I looked to hang it back in it’s place; however, it wasn’t so easy to find and the dream ended with me looking to put it back.

    When I read your information about the “authority”, “sacrifice and consecration” nature of this type of mantle, I was reminded of the many words the Lord has spoken to us about spiritual authority along with sacrifice and consecration to Him. Yet lately, I had been struggling with doubt and unbelief. I know this dream was a warning from Him.

    I’m so thankful He’s a merciful, patient,loving and compassionate Father. I can’t fall back now.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post Melissa.

    Father please continue to fill Melissa’s with your love, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Thank you Jesus (Yeshua).

    • Allen, Father is revealing to you many things… I suspect you wear the mantle already (unknowingly). It’s time to own it. Two different things. I think your struggle with unbelief is over. It’s doubt that will raise its ugly head as you explore your mantle.

      Wear it well, brother. It suits you.

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  6. Melissa, great post (as always). In my humble opinion, the mantle begins to shine when the one who wears it surrenders his/her will to it. The greater the level of unquestioning surrender to the spirit, greater the authority vested on him/her.

    I liken surrender to be a sweet sorrow – as might happen when a drop of water dissolves in the ocean and moves with the waves of its own accord, with the power of the ocean behind it.

    Then the doubt of “what am i called to do?” will never arise and trouble the one wearing it.

    Shine on, Melissa.

    Best wishes and my prayers to all.

  7. Dear Melissa,

    Thank you for the information. I started getting interested in the mantle, when on Wednesday during prayer, I was knocked down by the Holly Spirit, my Pastor got on the floor and said: I see a blanket over you Oh !! No not a blanket a Mantle. I did not understand, so I started to search what it meant, I have been seeking God with all my heart, in Prayer.. Now, I have my answer. THANK YOU!!!


  8. Hi Melissa

    Excellent post, thank you very much. I recently came to the understanding that the color of your mantle also signifies the type of calling or authority that God has placed upon you.

    Do you have any pointers on where we can find out what the different colors mean, or how significant the color really is?


  9. Just tonight as I was watching an episode of Sid Roth, this guy was speaking on mantles. I asked the LORD what was mine and HE said “Motherhood”. I had had a dream last year, and I saw the LORD putting a hat on my head. Didn’t know what it meant, but knew was some type of mantle. I don’t know if a casual looking hat means same for everyone, but wanted to share. Thanks. This is my first time ever reading this website. It’s great!

  10. Sherri :Just tonight as I was watching an episode of Sid Roth, this guy was speaking on mantles. I asked the LORD what was mine and HE said “Motherhood”. I had had a dream last year, and I saw the LORD putting a hat on my head. Didn’t know what it meant, but knew was some type of mantle. I don’t know if a casual looking hat means same for everyone, but wanted to share. Thanks. This is my first time ever reading this website. It’s great!

  11. A little over a year ago, I was in my room and the Presence of God came upon me and His Presence was sooo heavy and thick, I couldn’t move, I shook a little but I literally couldn’t move. I’ve experienced the Presence of Holy Spirit many times and all were incredible but this one was EXTREMELY HEAVY and thick and it is hard to describe in words. As this was happening I heard Holy Spirit say, “I’ve given you a mantle and a burden to carry.” My first question is do the two usually go together? My second question is, after I heard God speak this it seemed I went into a “wilderness” or dry period spiritually, any help on this would be greatly appreciated. My final question is I have no one, (other than my Friend Holy Spirit, of course) but no person around me that seems to help me in this, any suggestions? Thank you so much for your post, I do believe God led me to your page. God Bless you. Much love, Cathy

    • Cathy,
      I believe the “burden” is the weight of responsibility that your mantle brings to your life. The dry period is usual. Once the Lord throws a mantle over your shoulders, it is up to you to pursue that mantle as Elisha had to pursue Elijah. There are also a lot of “goodbye’s” that have to be said to certain things in your life to embrace the new. My book talks about this at great length in the chapter on Elijah and Elisha. You can download and begin reading immediately under the “bookstore” tab here on Defining Words

      Glad to be here for you in whatever way I can through Defining Words. You are not alone.

  12. Thank you for your quick response, your words were “right on target” and I want to again say thank you! Much love to you my sister, Cathy.

  13. glory be to GOD for his spirit truly gives life, WORDS of power impart stability to the ROYAL PREISTHOOD FAMILY. I feel empowered by the 7 SPIRITS OF THE LORD.(isaiah 11:3) I have another YES in my spirit. OBEDIENCE is absolutely necessary in this season. for the LIGHT is the JESUS, THE LIVING WORD, IT MAKES ALLTHINGS VISIBLE.I THANK GOD for his spirit ulliminating you with wisdom, understanding, and all spiritual knowledge you are truly a miracle to the saints of GOD. I see the LORD enhancing your vision and even the more because of your committment to be obedient. THIS LIVING WORD CHANGE ME FOREVER….. BE BLESS ON THIS MISSION CALLED EARTH.

  14. I was at a praise and prayer meeting with friends, when I felt a presence behind and something being placed on my shoulders. A lady sitting across from me said she could see a mantle on my shoulders, it was not full length and purple in color. Can you give me any insight?

    • Diane,
      As I believe we all have a mantle to inherit, it would seem it is time for you step up and wear your inheritance. The color purple is significant of the royalty of Christ. That you are a daughter of the King is reinforced by this vision. I collect people’s experiences (as a note of interest.) It would seem many people report receiving a mantle of either red or purple color in their encounters. I find this fascinating. There is an occasional gold or white mantle mentioned, but that yours is purple, is right in line. Time to take up your role in the Body of Christ! Hope this helps <3

  15. i have been given a mantle by the Lord Himself when He took me
    to heaven. and put it around me.It was a red mantle made of a
    rough woollen red material. Could you tell me what that meant.

    My name is Alida

    • Dearest Alida,
      Only Father can accurately interpret this for you. What I do know of the color red, is that it’s significant of the prophetic. Woolen material speaks of a protective measure for you and the spiritual “weather” you will endure. There is a covering for you in your mantle, no matter how adversarial the winds may blow. Much love and wear your mantle, well!

  16. what color would dark clear with gold sparkles in it, round like a donut be? It happened when I was travail ( everyone told me) and all I heard and saw was this mantle and I heard the words, “oh you will need this” I felt robed and intense heat over my head.

    • Ryan,
      I can only offer the following on your description. Dark and clear sounds as though clarity is coming to dark issues through your willingness to step out in ministry. Gold sparkles are indicative of the glory. Round like a donut? Perhaps a full circle in your ministry or the ability to see things come through to completion – and sense of divine protection. Just some thoughts. Blessings.

  17. I seen my mantle in a vision a short heavy pure white coat. I know that prayer mantle I am excited about my walk with the lord.

  18. Today is my day to have knowledge about my mantle, i just received a black and grey mantle, what do the two colours show me, please if you can help. Every time i remember the day i was given i fill like am carring something on my shouders. I love this-from Paul

  19. Just visited this site today. I once was sitting at my desk and had a vision of Christ putting a long and brilliant white robe on me. It was fluffy and reminiscent of feathers. It was beautiful and kind of sparkly. I interpreted it to be the robe of Christ Righteousness. I have never given any thought to a mantle until today. Right now after reading this. God bless you for sharing this. It inspires me to put more energy into my daughter and her spiritual growth. I definitely want her to experience God in a deep and thorough way. She will be 3 in September. God bless evermore.

    Love to you my sister in Jesus Christ.

  20. In 1995, as a young mother of 3 children and having a husband in jail, I spent many hours praying. The Lord spoke to me and told me to wear His peace as my mantle. I had never heard of anything like that at the time. I did not understand. I am not sure that I fully understand why He gave that to me. Please give me any insights you may have and please pray for me that I will discover the full meaning of that gift and what the Lord would like me to do with it.

    • Marsha,
      It would seem that God is granting and has granted you His peace that comforts and nurtures in the midst of chaos, grief or intense struggle. That you can wear this peace as a cloak or garment is certainly scripturally sound. This passage came to mind from Isaiah 52:1-2.

      1 Awake, awake; put on thy strength, O Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city: for henceforth there shall no more come into thee the uncircumcised and the unclean.

      2 Shake thyself from the dust; arise, [and] sit down, O Jerusalem: loose thyself from the bands of thy neck, O captive daughter of Zion.

      Peace is certainly a choice – as one chooses to wear one garment over another. Wear the shalom of GOD which keeps you sound in uncertainty. Also, once you have worn it, it is yours to impart to others.


    • Hennie, black can mean a couple of things. In the context of your vision I don’t think you can look at the black without noticing it was “black and white”. This speaks to me of discernment, or the ability to see the truth. As for your mantle, it was edged in blue. Blue is the color of the heavenlies or heaven. Notice the Israeli flag is blue and white? The blue in their flag is symbolic of Heaven or the abode of God. It would seem your mantle is of a heavenly calling. Hope that helps.

      • Wow…Thank you. It wasn’t a vision though, i forgot to mention that i went to a christian camp where all willing men received a specific mantle. I am a non believer and was the only one that decided not to put on the mantle, even though i accepted it. was just curious of what it meant.

        Thank you Melissa

  22. Hello. Can a blanket in a dream signify some type of mantle? This blanket is double sided–One side covered in palm trees (8 leaves) and the other side covered in green diamonds. The entire blanket is a brownish-beige color. Also in this dream this blanket was snatched by my Pastor and thrown on the floor.

    • Amelia,
      I believe a blanket can represent your “covering” as in the leadership God has placed in your life to nurture and protect you. Palm trees are highly symbolic. I am reminiscent of the Palms that Deborah sat under when judging God’s people. They speak of eldership and judgment… aka the covering of leadership in your life. The other side covered in green diamonds… speaks of value, worth and rarity. Green is the color of life, prosperity and peace. I would refrain from speaking into the part about your pastor. Only you know the situation fully and can perhaps search out the meaning with the help of the Holy Spirit.

      • Thank you for your insight. Everything you’ve said is a direct confirmation of what I’ve interpreted since I last posted my question. Praise God! I’ve grown so much since then and a lot have been revealed. The reason I asked about my Pastor is because I am new to this church. My question came about only after being at this church for 2 months.

    • Blue is the color of heaven or the realm of God’s divine dwelling. A crown and rod speak of royalty and rulership. Fairly straightforward, here. It would seem a divine call to leadership and service to God.

  23. Hello, I’m so glad they have this website I have enjoyed reading everyone comments.
    I had a dream that I was standing in a big field with a wooden fence and I was looking for a song to dance to. And I found a song and it sounded like harps and violins, and I begun to dance. And when I started to dance there was a black “blanket” following me around it had white writing on it, looking at it it had a fleece like look to it. And in a part of a song I jumped up and went high off the ground and the blanket laid on my shoulders and the song was over. I never have experience such peace, holiness, or cleanliness. I cant really explain it. Could anyone give me insight on this? I am looking into the history of mantles. Thanks, Charlene

  24. Thank You Holy Spirit for guiding me here…I wanted to ask, I too am searching, praying into dreams I have had and prophetic words spoken over me, seeking the Lord with all my heart…I had a dream last night where I was wearing a full length fur coat and was in this auditorium with my husband and I was taking pictures of the children performing…can you help me determine if this is a mantle>? Thank you Melissa, may God continue to use you and favor you. Will def be downloading your book.

  25. Yesterday… I was sitting at my desk and listening to soaking worship music. All of the sudden I felt as if someone had thrown something over my shoulders, and place their hands upon my shoulders. I sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit and as I spoke, all I said was, “the mantle.” I don’t know anything about mantles, so I started searching online and found this site. I don’t know what type of mantle that the Holy Spirit placed upon me or what color it is, or even what really a mantle looks like. I have to be very careful about what I say to my family, they don’t understand these kind of things. Please pray that more will be revealed and that I talk to the right people about it…Thanks for this anointed site!!

      • I had a very rough experience discerning this as prophetic. Maybe it just was not the right time, place and church. OR could it be altogether different meaning to this very powerful experience I had with the Father.

  26. My 1st time here , as I was sitting quietly this morning I heard again the words He spoke to me now a little over 13 years ago when my Mother went home to be with Him .He said “the mantle has shifted and took me to Elijah & Elisha . All that I have read here is confirmation Blessings to all

  27. Melissa I am interested in purchasing the book. AS I have tried to purchase it off of your website, it shows that it is closed. Can you please help me.

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