Spiritual Significance of the Peacock

As random as this post may seem, it is anything but.  For months the peacock has surfaced in everything from floral arrangements, fashion accessories, clothing, to home decor and even wallpaper!  It first dawned on me there might be spiritual significance to this, when I happened across a loose peacock in Fredericksburg, Va.  Yes, Fredericksburg, Va.

We were returning home from a trip “down south” when the need for gasoline brought us to the WaWa just off I-95.  A strutting peacock paraded around the periphery of the parking lot, enjoying the freewill food of way-faring strangers.  For those not familiar with this location, it is a high traffic / non-wildlife friendly area.  Unfortunately, my camera was no where to be found… but I marked it.

Within the span of a week, I received a phone call from my sister who lives in the Portland, Oregon area.  She just happened to be driving down a suburban road near Lake Oswego, when a random pair of peacocks emerged from the side of the road.  She remarked to me how gorgeous they were, and should probably be in a zoo, behind a fence… and not on the side of the road.  What are the odds of two sisters on opposite coasts,  stumbling upon wild peacocks in the same week?  It was then that I knew Father was attempting to communicate something of timely importance.

In the ancient middle-east, the peacock was symbolic of eternal life. It was believed the flesh of pea-fowl never decayed after death.  As a result, paintings of peacocks adorned the tombs of early Christians.  The “eye” of the feather also had particular significance.1  The multitude of “eyes” were representative of the all-seeing eye of God.2

The year 2010 is the Hebrew year 5770.  It is known as the year of Ayin.  Much about this year revolves around “seeing.”  Here is an excerpt from a former post from my friend and contributor, Lisa Butler, on the Year of Ayin.

The word “ayin” means – eye; to see, and by extension, to understand and obey. It also means “Divine Providence”.  Ayin represents the primeval light or the spiritual light of God. Genesis 1:3, “Then God said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light.”  I believe that as we pray during this new season, we will see an illumination. The hidden things that have been done in darkness will be brought to light.

The ayin is described as having 2 eyes – the choice of using good or evil to perceive things – optimism or pessimism. It is vital during this new season that we pray concerning the media. The perceptions of people around the world are being molded daily by the media. We must pray for new media outlets to emerge that will speak the truth. We must pray for reporters to present us with facts and not just opinions on what is happening in the world. In the past we have seen a targeted effort to alter the way events are perceived – evil or good.  We must pray for an arising of alternative media who will perceive from the “good eye”.

Ayin is a silent letter. (No translation of it in English) It sees, but does not speak; represents humility.  The name ayin can also mean “eye” or “fountain”, a fountain of wisdom and the ability to perceive wisdom.

The Catacomb of Priscilla

Most are familiar with the phrase “proud as a peacock.”  A lesser known saying comes from ancient Indo-Iranian culture, “The gorgeous peacock is the glory of God.” Again, the theme of glory is present.  As you see peacock paraphernalia in the coming days, remember that Father is wanting to reveal to the eyes of the church, His glory, wisdom, majesty, light, prophetic insight, new vision, and providence in ways you have never seen before.

The following is a prophetic word contributed by my sister, the other peacock spotter.  Father gave her this:

I am giving you the ability to find seers in unlikely places.  The attributes of a seer are distinct and easy to spot.  Their colors are visible from far distances.  Peacocks stick to themselves and travel in packs because I’ve purified their bloodline.  Don’t be surprised to find prophets traveling in pairs, or groups.  Husband and wife, brother and sister, friends, all lost, all blind.  Other species (Spiritual callings), can corrupt their gifting.  It is natural that they not get along.

A mother peacock may not wear the glorious train, but she can still see.  Encourage the ‘trainless’ that the gift is still within them, even though it isn’t obvious to the rest of the world.

There are many of these birds that have been lost and abandoned, left to fend for themselves, and find their own coverings.  You have been given the assignment of finding them, feeding them, and sending them to their rightful owner.  Some will be missing feathers, dirty, and sick.  My grace will work through you to restore, and bring sight.

Jessica Johnson-Lee

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1.  Birds, symbolic.” Peter and Linda Murray, Oxford Dictionary of Christian Art (2004).

2. http://www.jesuswalk.com/christian-symbols/peacock.htm

3. Read more about peacocks: http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/birds/peacock/



21 thoughts on “Spiritual Significance of the Peacock

  1. Thanks for the revelation of this. It’s been on my heart for a while. I knew it had something to do with “seeing” and even Father’s eyes but what Jessie shared is beautiful!

  2. Hey, Melissa, This is a great word of comfirmation for the time that we are moving in. There are 3 places in the bible that peacocks are mentioned (1 Kings 10:22, 2 Chon 9:21, Job 39:13. A true symbol of wealth and prosperity. These were not your everyday chickens per se. The value of these birds were right up there with Gold and Ivory during the time of Solomon’s reign. (A Solomon Kingdom Generation). Open our eyes, Lord, to the signs of your marvelous works that your hands have created. When you are driving along the road, there are many signs along the way that speak to you. You can’t hear them because they don’t speak, but you see what they are saying. They say that at least 80% percent of communication is not vocal. HMMMM!! Listen to what the signs of the Lord are saying. Thanks Melissa and Jessie!

    • Thanks for the scriptural references… so good to have for folks to refer to. I’m hoping others will add their part to this and the revelation will unfold.

      Love to ya!


  4. Thanks for confirming an ongoing ‘peacock’ season for me. It began in May of this year. Seemed no matter where I was I would see Peacock feathers. On stationary, shirts, cards, furniture and then one day in the sky! No kidding! I had shared these ‘sightings’ with my close friend, husband and prayer partners. This June while at work I noticed that the clouds in the sky were in the shape of two peacock feathers. I even thought to photograph them. Much of what you wrote is what God gave me as well. I am convinced that He has so much more for us if we pay attention. Blessings!

  5. On another “seer” note….God has been showing me the color purple in the last few weeks. Purple is referenced in the bible a few times and is connected to the Tabernacle in the desert, the Temple priestly garments as well as the Temple’s woven tapestries, etc. Kings and royalty were usually the only ones allowed to don this color because was so costly to produce the color purple. It was created by crushing thousands of little shells, which according to an article I read would produce enough purple for one toga! Right on down to Queen Victoria, who made an edict that only allowed certain persons of Royal decent to wear the color purple (you can Google this and get more info). The scriptures state that Jesus was fitted with a crown of thorns and a robe of purple. Interestingly enough, the High Priests and Royalty (Caesar) allowed this to happen, I am sure in mockery. To me that was the plan of the Father to adorn His Son, the only one worthy of the color and to wear it as He defeated the devil that day on the cross. I am certain that Satan took one look as Jesus took the keys of death, hell and the grave and realized He was not only ALIVE but worthy as THE KING OF KINGS to do so. His robe of purple became a white robe of righteousness!
    My friend and I discussed this for a time and since then, sightings of purple have been everywhere. I felt as though the Father was telling me that HE is so near, He is almost tangible as we spot these purple sightings. I may be way off…but when my friend came and told me that her three year old neice insisted that her entire birthday party be arrayed in purple and that everyone attending must come in purple I got a little suspicious! This friend had no idea beforehand that I had been “seeing” purple. There is even a very large billboard on I-96 coming East to Detroit that simply says in large white letters on a purple rectangle…”LOOK, a large purple rectangle” with an arrow pointing to it’s center. No pictures, no ads, just a large purple rectangle. I was in Manassas, Virginia about three weeks ago when it all began with the largest purple and chrome semi truck I had ever seen. On the tailgate as it passed was the scripture reference 2Thess3:10. I will leave that to your interpretation. But for me it meant a great deal. Thanks again for posting the Peacock information. Blessings, Faye

  6. This great! Recently the Peacock has appeared in my dreams as a companion and a few things i’ve learned about the Peacock is that it gives you Confidence, Foresight, and intuition through spiritual guidance and that it signifies Nobility, Immortality, and in asian cultures, the sun. Seeing one is a great blessing and a sign of great prosperity and the peacocks must be sending you guys a message!

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  8. I dreamed about peacocks last night. And I’m wondering why? Well I do know now after finding some interesting research about it. And I do believe God have given us a message through signs, not vocally. Thanks for sharing this. It do help me find my answers.

  9. Peacocks , feathes where given to me when i was saved in 2000. exactly 7.by a stranger as i traveled at my work in London,now i am begining to understand what God has blessed me with ,Eternal life, and the power in him to change death ino life Amen. thank you Jesus,.

  10. God has been filling my senses with peacocks over the past month and I “stumbled” across your blog and this word. This answers and confirms many things. Your sister’s word about the pairs is especially helpful as it confirms a gifting my husband and I have and flow well in together. Thank you!

  11. It is July 3rd, 2013. Last night, coming home from work, as I turned off the main highway onto my side road to my farm, I was stunned to look to my left and find a beautiful peacock in full bloom, strutting to the edge of the main road, to cross. I feared that he would be hit, but off he went across the road and was fine. I drove on down the road which is a mile in length to my property. Lo and behold, this afternoon, my wife looks out the door into the garage and there sits this same peacock. She grabbed her camera and I grabbed bird feed and fish food to give the bird. I thought it would strut away for sure, but it was not fearful at all, and actually walked right up to me eating the food I threw out to it. I was amazed. Then it proudly strutted around, looking here and there, almost like it was deciding whether to stay around or not. As of this writing, it sits in the garage cleaning it ‘s feather and looking around. Lol . We love it and hope it stays.
    I ended up here on this site seeking symbolistic meaning of arriving peacocks and believing that God DOES speak in many varied ways to mankind, even by arrival of a peacock. The problem is men’s ears are dull of hearing, and so we miss much Godly conversation. I discern the peacock’s arrival is a sign of resurrection life coming to my aggravated business partnership, plus an answer to prayer regarding a ministry gift I have been praying for. Be blessed, jimrap / Benson, NC

  12. I dreamed about finding a dead peacock last night.. I am now searching to find what this might mean. It was very vivid . I was with my oldest daughter when we discovered it. Then my husband drove up and said , go to the police station your brother is there. Anyway, i do not normally have vivid and memorable dreams but i am thanking the Lord for opening my eyes and giving me answers!!

  13. Hello….following up my above reply of July 4, regarding a peacock visit, I thought you all may be interested to hear. The peacock that visited us actually stayed around for a good six weeks, making himself at home. He slept or sat in a large oak tree next to our home and came off it to eat or investigate anything that went on below. He scared my son in law one day, as he walked by, the peacock swept down out of the tree right next to him. Stood the just looking at him. While he stayed with us, he shed all of his feathers / plume, which I gatherd up for an arrangement in a vase.

    One day, he was eating the food I put out and I was preparing to cut grass. I was on my large and noisy lawnmower , and he just started walking toward me and I am yelling above the noise to stop , fearful of his getting hurt. He walked up to about three feet from me and just looked in my eyes, and then strutted off to a flower bed. I went off and cut the grass fields and when I returned , he was gone……to where I don’t know. There are no other animals, even dogs, so he obviously had finished his stay with us, and went on back to heaven, I believe. His last look at me was a good bye look. Made me sad, subsequently.

    I still believe peacocks are angels in disguise , visiting and bringing. Good news to those who will open their spiritual eyes and ears, and listen .

    I wrote a song about the peacock visit, done by my band? It can be found on my web site below.

  14. Wow talk about timing. I hv been seeing peacock feathers & then I had accidently stumbled across a pic of a friend in a peacockoutfit & then later in day I heard a woman on tv describe NBC as the peacock. So I knew God was trying to speak to me thru His signs. Wow right on time. I’m in LA trying to bring light into this entertainment darkness. Thnk you for yr obediance to write this. Blessings

  15. I’m so glad to stumble across your blog here! The exact same thing has happened to me. Peacock things appearing everywhere from hankies to perfume bottles… I have now made a trip to the States for 3 months and residing at a guest house. The WHOLE room I was put in is a peacock theme, most striking are the 3 decorative plates above my bed that are prints of the peacock eye. So, I too started researching the spiritual significance and a lot of what I have read about renewal and royalty and being able to ‘see,’ is exactly where I’m at.
    Since I did the research too, The Lord gave me a prophetic word for a hairdresser that was telling me about her father that had a peacock tattoo! Lol. I love how he works.

    I can also really relate to the prophetic word you got in regards to bringing people in. Love to chat about that if possible?

    But thankyou for sharing this.

    Katie :)

  16. I have been attending a church where for the past several years there were 7 peacocks. Now there is 1 and it stands at the side door of my church with its feathers in full fan. We have 3 services and after the 2nd service is over it leaves.Thanks for the info, I will pass it on

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