Maybe You Should Blog?

dwpodcastYou have vision.
You carry revelation.
People identify with your heart.
You possess a missing piece to someone’s puzzle.
Your voice is powerful when you use it.
You have more to give… much more.

So, why in the world aren’t you blogging?

If you have toyed with the thought of starting your own blog, may I offer confirmation that you are thinking in the right direction? No, there aren’t too many blogs already. Yes, you have something unique to add to the conversation. Maybe, just maybe you might inspire someone to do something extraordinary with their lives. You don’t have to be a great writer to be effective or well connected to begin. With just a little encouragement and practical direction, I believe you could produce something quite fruitful.

I have just finished a 3-episode series at the Defining Words Podcast entitled Blogging for Newbs. Each episode is free and available to you by clicking on the links below.

Blogging for Newbs Pt 1: 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging

Blogging for Newbs Pt 2: 10 Common Mistakes Bloggers Make 

Blogging for Newbs Pt 3: 10 Things Great Bloggers Do

Friend, you know I believe in you and desire to help in any way I can. Feel free to reply to this post with any questions or comments and let us talk of how you might begin, today!

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22 thoughts on “Maybe You Should Blog?

  1. Holy greetings and blessings to you Melissa , thank you for your very encouraging words, blogging is something i would like to get into definitely ,I look forward to reading the new blogs .

    Donations I experienced some difficulty today, Is there another way that i can send you a donation ? the payment section has Zip code instead of United Kingdom post code for payment.

    Permission to use Quotes

    I also write to ask your permission to use the following Quotes in a little book that i am putting together in which i will give you the full credit .

    A) Prophetic people live by confirmation. Having honed their spiritual senses, they search out and find witnesses to what they feel God is revealing to them. The keener the listener, the more precisely he or she will hear the confirmation. B) God is not beholden to give us more than His written Word. However, by His grace He has granted us precious prophetic gifts. By these gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12, He benevolently communicates and confirms His will

    Have a blessed day

    pastor Winston Carnegie , UK

    Sent from my iPad


    • Ps. Winston,
      Thank you for your encouraging words – and for your interest in using quotes from Defining Words. I would be honored if you found use for the material, here. Simply cite the source and please forward me a copy of your finished work for my records. PO Box 540 Grantsville, MD 21536.

      As for your very kind desire to donate, there should be no problem if you plug in your post code. I’ve received donations from abroad through paypal, successfully, in the past. Thank you, and many blessings, sir!

  2. Dear Melissa,
    This was SO TIMELY as I have been questioning in my spirit with conversations with the Lord, do I need to start a blog and what do I do to begin! So Timely! Thanks for all you do to promote “Kingdom living” by your “defining words!” With love from a pure heart fervently,

  3. Funny Melissa you say that for I did think that “I should start a Blog” but quickly talked myself out of it for I’m going thru a hard and perplexing time right now and I didn’t want to drag anyone down by reading it.

    • kate248,
      A couple of things come to mind for you. (1) You can begin a private blog to journal your thoughts and impressions as you walk through this difficult season. This could be quite therapeutic and eye-opening for you in the days ahead. By being private, it would be accessible by only the few you grant permission to read it – or no one at all but you. (2) Your blog doesn’t have to be private in nature or ultra personal in content. You could use it to develop the strength of exhorting in spite of the pressures you experience. I rarely write of my personal struggles for the very point you make. The purpose of my blog is to exhort, not to vent my frustrations. As an aside, you are not alone in being perplexed in this hour. Take comfort in knowing He is guiding you in the way you should go.

      Much love!

      • Thank you Melissa for your kind, thoughtful and encouraging comments! I did not consider writing a private blog, but that could work. I have thru out the years learnt a lot from the Lord and could share that with everyone but how do you make some areas private and other areas public, or does one need two separate blogs?

  4. Hi Melissa,
    Yes that is a wonderful possibility! I shall discuss it all with the Lord before proceeding, but the private blog would be a handy tool for me right now too. Thank you for your encouragement and advice.

  5. Melissa,
    I’ve been following your blog for about a year now. Your words always seem to be right on target. Thank you for hearing from God and encouraging people to do the same. As for blogging myself, I started about two months ago. God lead me to do it otherwise it would not have happened. However I can say that he used you as an example to show me that I could do it. My purpose for the blog was to simply share what God was speaking to me. Here’s the link if you would like to see it:

    Thank you again! God Bless you and your family!

    • Glorious! Michael!
      I will take a look… and I’m tickled to hear you have begun your blogging journey. May others read and see that it is quite possible with a little determination, no? Many blessings as you write and communicate online!

  6. Eternally grateful for this confirming word. I have been receiving your blog for over a year now…shared it with prayer partners, bible study groups and whomever the Lord impressed upon my heart. Always enjoy your Word of the Lord for the Jewish New Year and usually refer back to it…prophetic..keeping the vision before the eyes of my heart. Having said all that…I believe that there are no coincidences in the Kingdom. I have known for some time God wants to share some things through me using this vehicle. Your “defining words” are once again the confirmation (not the first, I might add…Our Father is patient and loving…LOL). Thank you for such a tremendous seed!

  7. It too would like to thank you Melissa for your generosity in sharing your time and knowledge – this is something I have not seriously thought about before but am a frustrated writer looking for where my voice can help bring hope and truth in our desperate world. You have inspired me to think about blogging in a different way and I pray that as I take this step somewhere there will be people touched by God’s love and words of hope that will inspire them, through my writing – just as you have inspired me! Thank you and God bless. May cyberspace be inundated with the power and love of God as more are inspired to do the same. May truth’s voice be heard and received! I just created my page over the last two days…..nothing written yet, just getting the foundations down. Thanks to you, all the way from Australia!

  8. I am glad I found your blog! I have been blogging for a few years and have recently changed my blog focus as my family has entered ministry. Besides our newsletter, much of my blog is focused on prophetic updates and teaching on spiritual gifts. Any advice on increasing readership? I offer a lot of free resources for equipping the church, and would like to get them to more people.

    • Readership accumulates as a result of multiple efforts. If you have a chance to listen to Parts 2 and 3 on blogging… they will inspire you towards this end. I’ve found persistence works. Readers come and stay with you if continue to provide meaningful content and if you genuinely converse with them. Thank you for reaching out and for your encouragement. Stay with it bro! I believe in you.

  9. It’s me!! You’re talking to me!! Frequently I’ve been airing my thoughts on Facebook because I have this need this year to no longer hide my self – when it comes to discussing things pertaining to life and looking at it from a Christ minded view – but Facebook doesn’t quite fit. I’m going to check out the podcasts x
    Bless you for not keeping your knowledge to yourself xxxx

  10. Melissa,
    I first came across your blog when doing some research on Ayin Dalet and found your teaching very informative and encouraging. When you challenged your readers to consider blogging, it was an immediate confirmation for me of what I had already been considering. The blog is now live, and although it’s basic, it is a start. I am featuring your blog on my Resources page – I trust that is acceptable! (It’s if you want to check it out.) Thanks again and God bless you!

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